QMC and RFS bring indoor wireless coverage to over one million people at one of Brazil’s most popular tourist destinations

Radio Frequency Systems has announced its work with QMC to deliver a complete indoor coverage solution at the Corcovado-Paineiras Visitor Centre in Brazil, home to one of the seven new world wonders – Christ the Redeemer.

The centre, which is located within Tijuca National Park, falls within a ‘shadow’ area that isn’t covered by Rio de Janeiro’s mobile networks. Working with RFS and QMC, the Visitor Centre now offers high-quality wireless connectivity. The project has delivered this using low visual impact infrastructure suitable for the environmentally protected area.

The deployed RFS’ omnidirectional indoor antenna is designed for modern in-building broadband wireless communications systems that use MIMO technology. It incorporates the antennas in an active distributed antenna system (DAS) solution to ensure signal stability while offering a low visual impact.

It also provides 2x2 MIMO coverage for 4 mobile operators, using a wide range of products including; low-visual-impact antennas, HYBRIFLEX hybrid feeder cables, RF conditioning products, and RFS jumper cables, to deliver a complete end-to-end solution.

The Visitor Centre is a key stop for the more than 1 million tourists who head to the iconic Christ the Redeemer site each year. Because only 1,200 people can visit the monument at one time, the Visitor Centre is used as a waiting area for tourists and offers a range of attractions. The system provides mobile network access up to 4G speeds with high data throughput for more than 3,000 daily visitors across all five floors of the building.

“This high-profile project at a truly iconic world site is a huge vote of confidence in our indoor solutions. It showcases our ability to provide and deliver a full end-to-end solution from RF design, to commissioning, installation and support,” commented Renato França, Sales and Services Director, RFS LATAM.

Andre Juncioni, General Director for QMC DAS Brazil added “This installation was only the first step. The system can also support new bands and frequencies”. This gives a future-proof system that will continue to serve the centre and its visitors for many years to come.Infrastructure operator develops  distributed antennas projectsin a touristic area that receives 3 thousand visits daily.
QMC, a leading telecommunications infrastructure company in Latin America, provided wireless infrastructure for indoor coverage to visitors to one of the most famous touristic spots in Rio de Janeiro and the world: the Cristo Redento
QMC, a leading telecommunications infrastructure company in Latin America, provided wireless infrastructure for indoor coverage to visitors to one of the most famous touristic spots in Rio de Janeiro and the world: the Cristo Redentor, located in the Paineiras-Corcovado Visitors Center, in the Tijuca National Park. Despite being a shadow area for cell phones, the coverage project was successfully carried out in partnership with RFS.

Receiving more than 1 million tourists a year, in addition to acommodate one of the seven wonders of the modern world, the place is also an area of ​​entertainment and recreation, which makes a quality distributed antenna system (DAS) imperative. “The essential thing for us when developing a solution like this is the high flow of people added to the complexity to build telecom infrastrucures, whether they are indoor or outdoor”, explains Getulio Bordalo, business development manager at QMC.

The technology used was MIMO 2x2, offering access to the 4G network and low visual impact. Particular care was taken to follow the local policies, since the center operates in a building listed as a Brazilian heritage and the area is environmentally protected. "The antennas built in Corcovado, and in some other historic places, take into account the architecture of the place to determine the mimicry of the antennas", says the manager.

The infrastructure is used for rent by the four major mobile operators in Brazil, in a model that QMC has been betting on since 2015.

Source: Total Telecom

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